1. To help with your first American Express newsletter, we can provide samples of other agencies personalized content. Any photos or signatures you would like to include with this story, should be supplied in hi resolution files. They can be e-mailed to Dorothy Crouch at dorothy@travelingtimes.com or mailed to her attention to Traveling Times, Inc., 25061 Avenue Stanford, Unit 10, Valencia, CA 91355.

2. How much can you write? Normally, 5,500 - 6,000 total characters are about right for the editorial space, this allows space for some photos. If you are submitting a lot of photos or are running ads as well as editorial, then use less copy. If what you submit is too long, we will call and give you the option of cutting it or we can do that for you.

Once you have your copy gathered, please email it to Dorothy Crouch at dorothy@travelingtimes.com

3. Subject matter for your section of the newsletter. It's always a good idea to personalize your editorial copy to include references to staff members and/or customer travel experiences. The following are storyline suggestions have been provided to give an idea of what others have used in the past. Also available for your review are a few samples of how the page may look with some of those suggestions.

Meet the Staff
About your agency and staff, which may include photos with a little detail about agent's specialties.
Group Departures
Upcoming travel opportunities appropriate for the "life" of the current newsletter.
Customer Praise
Letters/testimonials or quotes from customers.
Vacation Photos
Customer/Agent photos from recent trips with a some detail on who, what and where - including, if possible, quotes from a customer within a feature story.
Vacation Editorial
Customer or Agent feature story about a trip experience.
Website Article
Invite reader to your website, availability of coupons/specials on website.
Cover Sample - Center Spread Sample

4. Your editorial copy could tie-in to the articles in the general pages of the newsletter. The editorial focus in the general section of the newsletter varies somewhat among regional editions so that it is more appropriate for your particular area. The Editorial Focus by region is as follows:

Take a look at the editorial content/calendar sheet.

5. As a "last resort" we can provide "generic filler" editorial for all or part of your 2 page, custom made center spread, although even one paragraph of personalized text would be beneficial. The subject matter will vary from issue to issue. (the sample shown is from a past issue and is shown as an example only)

Contact us at 661.295.1250 or angela@travelingtimes.com